SAN FRANCISCO - May 19, 2003 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW) today announced that it has entered into a global alliance agreement with Red Hat (NYSE: RHAT) to distribute Red Hat's market leading Enterprise Linux operating system, and to broaden the use of each other's technologies in the rapidly growing volume server marketplace. As part of the agreement, Red Hat will distribute Sun's Java Virtual Machine (JVM) with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, extending the reach of the world's most popular application environment. Sun will sell and support all x86 versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux including Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES and Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS.

"This global alliance underscores Java's central role in the evolution of the Internet and the critical function open source and communities play in driving innovation," said Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president, software, Sun Microsystems. "The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Sun's x86 systems affirms our commitment to the open source community. This relationship is the first of many efforts we expect to drive together with Red Hat on the Linux and Java front."

Today's announcements underscore Sun's commitment to choice, innovation and value. The combination of Java and Linux gives customers a compelling, cost-effective, and reliable alternative to proprietary offerings from Microsoft. Customers will benefit from the latest high performance JVM on systems that use the Solaris(tm) operating system or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.