Messaging Solutions

Get several individual E-mail addresses for your entire organization using a single Internet E-mail Address.

After telephone, E-mail is the most effective and the cheapest technology that has singularly changed the way people communicate locally, nationally and internationally. E-mail has become the business lifeline in most countries and is becoming prominent in India as well.

In India E-mail has been around for last several years but without any significant help to business, mainly because of high tariff, late delivery and absence of proper customized solutions.

Now with the Internet with a global reach, it is the obvious choice for a TCP/IP connection with integrated global E-mail facility. Since these solutions are based on open standards unlike other E-mail messaging solutions they do not force you to use specific E-mail client software. You can use any Internet E-mail client such as Netscape Messenger, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora Mail or Pegasus Mail.

The core benefit of this messaging solution is that many users in the organization can share a single E-mail address. Each user in the company can have his own E-mail address such as rather than sharing complex E-mail addresses. e.g. To implement this solution on the Corporate LAN, the company requires to have a Internet account (TCP/IP) with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as ISP, a modem, a telephone line. Most small and large companies already have this basic infrastructure in place.

The Working Methodology

An automated solution, offering complete privacy
All E-mails are either stored on an Internet server or they are forwarded to the company's ISP mailbox. The software installed on the server automatically dials up to the ISP and picks up these mails and delivers it to the appropriate users without any human intervention! A similar process works for sending E-mail messages. The software can be configured to send/ receive E-mail at pre-determined intervals, or when certain minimum numbers of E-mail messages are queued to be sent or even when a message is marked as priority. All this happens automatically while maintaining complete privacy. Users cannot see each other's E-mail, neither do they require access to the company's Internet account.

Salient Features
Considerable reduction in your Email cost.
Secure E-mail: All Emails from and to the user's individual mailbox. Therefore, privacy and security.
Individual Internet E-mail addresses for each user attached with the company name. Therefore company/ brand promotion.

Requires only a single dial-up TCP/ IP connection.
No need of leased lines.
Connects to the Internet automatically, dials all ISP numbers with many retries.
Support for multiple locations.
For traveling executives E-mails can be checked from anywhere.
Support for every platform.
No volume based billing from service provider, that is, no recurring costs!
Unmatched support to keep your communications alive all the times.
The solution comprises of the following software:

Server Software with Internet mail exchange

It is an Internet Gateway & Server. The Gateway part of the system shall receive all incoming mails, addressed to E-mail Addresses allotted, checks each name and transfers the mail to the respective recipient. In order to send and/ or to receive mails, the system automatically dials all Internet numbers assigned by ISP. It continues to dial as many times as configured, obtains connection, completes post dial terminal formalities and receive and/ or send all mails received from many users connected to the LAN. The system automatically records a Log File showing details of relevant activities. Once the proper software configuration is done the computer will do its own job without any human interference.

Gateway Software

These are gateways, which connect your existing LAN based E-mail systems with the Internet. If you already have an existing LAN based E-mail system then the software can connect to your current E-mail system.

It is currently available for all popular messaging solutions such as: cc:Mail, MS-Mail, MS-Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Netscape Messaging Server, Unix Mail, Pegasus Mail, Mercury Mail and N-Plex from ISOCORE.